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Meet the Team

We're a family-run business, headed up by myself, Fiona. I'm a farmer's daughter & spent all my life with plants one way or another - I'm a dedicated & obsessed flower farmer & eco-florist, a mother, a passionate environmentalist, a tree-huger, a trained plant scientist, garden designer, & horticulturalist, an animal lover & chocolate addict.

Long-suffering Nigel is both the landlord & dog's body, and has worked tirelessly to clear up the 10 acre site from an over-grown small holding. He provides endless support in every way.

Bethan our daughter helps with everything, especially weddings and is my impromptu model. She is in charge of vegetables and tree planting.

Jane is the person who actually does all the work and I'd be lost without her. She loves her chickens and her allotment. And working here of course. She specialises in ways to get rid of slugs & loves a job well-finished.

Jez is the person who creates & fixes anything hard-landscaping on site. From gates & fencing through to beautifully crafted individual items for bespoke weddings he is the ultimate handy man.

And then we have 2 beagles, Fudge and Nettle, plus we inherited Faith when we bought the field  an 8 year old alsatian plus 11 feral cats - Bob, Sass, Luther, Tom, Magic, Bee, Bear, Pan, Star, Daisy, Mouse - plus a multitude of beautiful wildlife - from deer, badgers, owls, woodpeckers.


Follow our story & find out more about us in our latest news.

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