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Why Daisy Works?

Flowers are a tangible expression of our emotions - of love, friendship, joy, celebration, sadness, & sympathy. 

In this spirit, Daisy Works was named for my little brother Timothy, who lost his life to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a muscle wasting disease that slowly robs you of life until your heart can no longer find the strength to beat.


When he first started to lose the ability to walk at the age of 9, falling over seemingly without reason, he would say that he had tripped over a daisy. To make sure the Daisy Works in my brother's memory & to help others like him, we are committed to raising funds for the national charity Muscular Dystrophy UK. Follow our progress in our latest news.

At Daisy Works, we set out to touch your life with exquisite, scented, seasonal British-grown flowers, freshly gathered & individually designed & hand-crafted, to lift your spirits & create evocative memories.

We try hard to tread lightly on our planet & go about our business with as little damage to our environment as we can. We grow without the use of harmful chemicals, without peat, we recycle & upcycle, we don't use cellophane or floral foams. We constantly strive to improve our sustainability.

Daisy Works is based near Newark in Nottinghamshire, where we work alongside the wildlife, growing our flowers & providing habitat for birds, insects & mammals.

Follow our story & find out more about us in our latest news.

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