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Wedding Open Day - Embracing the seasons - Spring weddings

Even on this very dull & grey January day, there are signs of spring outside everywhere - the hazel and alder catkins are there, dangling in the breeze, the snowdrops are up, the deliciously fragrant winter honeysuckle is in bloom and there are hellebore buds fattening. There are plenty of lovely inspiring flowers and foliage to be found out there, and I love this time of year. I completely embrace the changing of our seasons, and think it's completely magic that in just a few weeks, the picture outside my window will have changed completely, and again in another few weeks, and then again and again. Looking at the wall of our old barn, which is clothed in a dead-looking clematis, I was reminded of May weddings when the clematis is covered in sugar-pink flowers and went to find a few photos - such a moment in time captured, with tulips, clematis and one of my all time favourites, lilac, which evokes childhood memories of the farm I grew up in. Well, the tulips are just beginning to emerge, so time will fly by, and soon I'll be longing for my amazing amaryllis again which are in full bloom now! That's the beauty of British-grown flowers - never a dull moment, an ever-changing and diverse palette of beautiful flowers. If you'd like to talk to us about your wedding flowers why not pop to East Bridgford Hill for their Wedding Open Day on 14th January? The most perfect extraordinary venue for our flowers....

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