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The Deal Floriage New Garden

Our back courtyard is a real bonus at our cottage in Deal - but it's also a waste of space as it stands now. It faces south west and should therefore be a perfect suntrap, but becaue it's in the basement, it never quite makes the most of itself.

There isn't exactly any soil here - two tiny borders - but there is a wealth of opportunity for vertical planting and planting of interesting things that venture into the non hardy world.

I have lots of ideas (as do the rest of the family - they've no chance!) and the design brief is going to be pretty demanding - we need to store 2 kayaks, 3 bikes, plus the normal garden paraphernalia - so it's going to be interesting to see if we can squeeze it all into this postage stamp space.

I have delusions of green oak and tree-ferns.... I wonder how it will turn out?

Follow the story of this garden, the creation of the Deal Floriage, from design to reality.

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