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Harvest Service Flowers at Worksop College

Had a fantastic morning today volunteering with another parent creating displays for the Harvest Service at Worksop College. As my home-grown flowers start to diminish as the weather grows cooler, I'm enormously grateful for British growers like Crosslands Nursery and Flowers by Clowance who grow and supply British-grown flowers all year long, and help me out when I need more blooms than I can grow. I only ever use British-grown flowers, never imported flowers, and these displays are created without the use of floral foams - we used to manage perfectly well without them before they were invented, and they are toxic in production, toxic to use and do not biodegrade - horrible unnatural stuff that should be banished from the world and never allowed to taint our beautiful natural flowers ever again. That sounds extreme, but honestly I can't stress enough how unpleasant it is, and how unnecessary. Instead of paying me for my flowers, Worksop College are donating the funds for the flowers to Muscular Dystrophy UK, so this is a great fund-raising and awareness-raising on-going project for me - and I absolutely love being involved.

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