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Our Story

I've been obsessed with plants & flowers for as long as I can remember. I had an idyllic early childhood growing up on a rambling old farm with an enormous garden & spent hours playing outside, learning the best way about plants - hands on.

I trained as a plant biotechnologist, a plant genetic engineer, but hated the politics behind the science and became disenchanted. I retrained as a garden designer, & ran my own business for 10 years. I looked after our daughter Bethan and ran school gardens. I volunteered 4 years at  social....

Finally in 2019 we were able to buy the land adjacent to us, where my lovely old next door neighbour Hubert had lived in his small holding. It's taken 2 years to clear the site, & we are so excited & feel so lucky to be able to look after a little piece of heaven on earth, our Eden.

Hubert planted so many trees, & we are undergoing tree management for wildlife habitats.

The old buildings have been tidied and anything required has been been mainly constructed from rubbish on site by Jez & Nigel, maintaining our ethos of recycling & up cycling. 

The flower farm currently uses about a dedicated acre and has been cultivated with organic & environmental practices at heart. We have used no chemicals, rotivators - we have usd an adapted no dig system and are debt to the local donkey and horse population for their poo! 


We t

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