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Remembrance Day Flowers

This week to mark Remembrance Day, the flowers turned red and cream in Gannets, with a wreath and mini wreaths as a token of respect for all those who have lost their lives in conflict, and a mark of gratitude for all those that have served in our forces.

I also volunteered along with another parent to do the flowers at Worksop College for their Remembrance Service on Sunday. They have kindly supported me in my quest for never using very environmentally unfriendly floral foam, and today we created our flowers in fancy buckets, which were really practical and very rustic, suiting the informal style of these country garden flowers. I supply British grown flowers to create these displays and Worksop College donate the money for the flowers to Muscular Dystrophy UK.

As I only use seasonal flowers it’s impossible to use real poppies in these Remembrance Day displays. Instead we recycle plastic and silk poppies from their store cupboards. These are used every year, and much as they’re not my favourite thing, at least they are stored to be used every year and not just discarded in a landfill site somewhere. They are poppies after a fashion and it’s the sentiment that matters most.

It was a beautiful sunny autumn day today, with glorious blue skies setting off the amazing autumn leaf colours of the trees. Perfect weather to reflect on the heroism of so many brave people, sacrificing their todays for our tomorrows. I’m so very grateful.

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